If you’ve actually stuck around long enough to click a couple links then I figure I should make something of an introduction.

Self portrait - October 31, 2011
Self portrait – October 31, 2011

I’m Gabriel. I was born and grew up in rural Nova Scotia, quite literally on the shores of the Atlantic. I have long since moved away, first to New Brunswick for a bit of post-secondary education, then to Ottawa, and later to the GTA where I continue to explore the aging process. Somewhere along the way I became half an Ontarian and a quarter of a Torontonian.

Today I am employed in IT operations at the CBC.  I rarely comment on topics that directly affect my employer but when I do, my intention is constructive.

When I’m not being more gainfully employed I am also a very amateur photographer, and I have served our great nation for over 35 years as a catherd. Thankfully these are not noted as particularly demanding occupations, so I get by.

Thanks for visiting my old fashioned blog!

I also have some small software related projects over here on GitLab.
My OpenPGP key can be found here.