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Why Nginx?

I'm now hosting my website(s) on Amazon EC2 on a t2.small instance running Debian (which replaces a self hosted Red Hat server). Realistically the capacity of the t2.small instance is probably enough for the volume of traffic I receive on this site these days, but I thought that I would take advantage of the change to Debian and replace the web server software I'm using as well to try to optimize the instance.

For the past 15 or 16 years Apache HTTPD has served me pretty well going all the way back to some gnarly version of 1.3. But since I've moved to EC2 and Apache 2.4 is not available in the wheezy-backports package set right now I've decided to switch to Nginx 1.6.x. There are some other advantages to this change, in particular the memory footprint is improved and I get some other nice benefits without too many losses since I'm not using any heavy duty Apache features these days. In truth though, the main benefit is that I simply get to play with Nginx in a real environment with no risk which is something I've been wanting to do for a long time now.

I'm planning on documenting anything interesting that I learn here.

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