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Welcome to quay:wiki!

This site contains various bits of documentation and snippets of ideas and code that I've found useful or necessary, with a general focus on Linux, Nginx and website management, and security. I'm currently in the process of learning Go, so there's a bit of stuff along those lines here too.

You'll also find bits and pieces of whatever I might be learning at the moment in my free time or at work. Here I document interesting problems I've worked on for and sometimes for work, primarily focused on Amazon EC2 and GNU/Linux (and related tech). Occasionally I document my more general thoughts on my blog.

Be forewarned, none of the information here is tested outside of my own environment. If you're looking for stuff that's a bit more stable or supportable, check out my GitLab projects instead.

I currently maintain two loosely related “activities” that may be of some interest.

You might start out looking at the sitemap.

Recently updated pages:

The quay wiki icon uses assets from Blank Paper Doodle under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license.

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