Quay 2.0 (or is it 3.0?)

Gentle reader,

In the spirit of all the web 2.0 foolishness which I am routinely forced to choke down, I hereby inaugurate The Quay 2.0. Buh-bye Quay 1.0!

So the current iteration of the site is 13 days shy of its 5th birthday, that’s something like 120 in Web 1.0 years so it’s probably time for the experiment to come to an end. Strictly speaking this is the third iteration of content for this site, there was a previous static site with a bunch self gratification therein. In any event, I’m calling a close to the original, archiving the data and deleting the DocumentRoot.

The primary goal, other than a bit of closet cleaning and an attempt to better represent what I’m up to these days, is that hopefully a new toy will motivate me to blog a bit more than I have been in the past couple of years. At some point in the not too distant future I’m going to make an attempt to explain some of the factors that led to this decision. Thanks for your patience.

NB: In the unlikely event that there is something you are looking for it is my intention to be able to dig out most of the old data an republish it, just ask. Also, you will find that The Community has been untouched, simply dissociated from my blog as over the years it has taken on a life of its own and is now self-feeding.