PHP 5.2.13 + Suhosin patch for RHEL5

This item is out of date, the repository is now decommissioned. Feel free to contact me if you depended on any of these packages. I can walk you through a migration path to current stable versions of these tools.

If you are a current Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS 5 user you are no doubt aware that RHEL currently ships with a fairly outdated version of PHP.  As I’ve been updating my hardware/software here I’ve decided to build my own PHP RPM packages in order to ensure that I can get a consistent and up-to-date set of software.  I’ve borrowed heavily from several others (primarily the Fedora 11/12 source distributions and Remi Collet) so I don’t deserve all the credit but since I’ve been unable to find a complete and consistent set of packages built on top of base RHEL I’m offering up my work to anybody else who might be interested.

Other than building up-to-date dependencies the primary difference between my package and the other packages I’ve found is that I’ve chosen to apply the Suhosin PHP hardening patch to the sources and I will also provide a current Suhosin extension.  For the time being I’m only intending to provide binary packages for x86_64 since I do not have a 32-bit build machine but you can take the source RPMs and rebuild for your architecture as you see fit.  If there is enough interest I can probably scratch together a 32-bit build system on CentOS so that binaries are available for both architectures.

Binary packages for x86_64 can be found here.
Source packages for the above can be found here.
My RPM signing key is here.

If you think you can trust me, you can go ahead and just install the yum config for my repository like this:

rpm -ivh

Once that’s complete you can just use yum to search and install software from my repository. Be warned that this repository contains additional packages I find useful and as a result this may unexpectedly update packages shipped by Red Hat so examine the proposed transaction carefully before proceeding.