Migrating to pobox.com

I’ve been using Pobox’s mail forwarding service for a couple of days in an attempt to wrestle my e-mail situation to the ground. The basic idea is that I’m going to eventually only publish my pobox.com address as a primary mail address and other than personal contacts I will deprecate my other e-mail accounts.

The reasons are twofold. First I am subscribed to a large number of fairly active mailing lists which I find beneficial in both my private and professional life, rather than maintain multiple accounts on each mailing list service I find it easier to simply send this mail to one address and then filter and munge it there as appropriate. The second reason is that I don’t need to expose my “real” identity anywhere and if I ultimately need to move to a new final delivery address this simplifies the situation. I know I can deal with this 10 ways from Sunday using procmail or crazy MTA-fu (which are still in place) but for various reasons I find that less than optimal.

In any event I am posting this simply to let people know about pobox.com which is a reasonably high quality service at a reasonably good price.