The First Computer I Ever Used

My elementary school had a number of Apple II, Apple II+, and Apple IIe computers in the early 1980s. This was my first exposure to computers in general and I’ve only started to appreciate how fortunate I was to have a few teachers who were quite interested in computers even though there wasn’t really any computer class offered until I was in high school.

In my search for interesting info on the Apple II, I came across this really interesting video from the 8-Bit Guy walking through a restoration of an Apple II+.

I think I’m going to try to put together a few more posts about the various computers I used/owned. It’s kind of fascinating to see how much the technology has evolved just in my lifetime. One of my big blind spots is that I was decidedly a hobbyist until university. I was curious about computers, but other than a bit of BASIC programming (I did once try to write an excessively ambitious naval combat simulator on an Apple IIe) I mostly just played games and goofed around with nifty tricks you could make a computer do if you knew how.

In that vein, here’s another cool video about ultimate Apple II: the Apple IIGS by LGR.